Psychotherapy Fees (in person or telephone):
My fee is $165 per hour for individuals. One way to make
therapy more affordable with me is to schedule appointments
every other week.

Payment Options
I accept payment by check, cash, credit card or Paypal.

Can I Use Insurance to Pay for Therapy?
I’m not on any insurance panels but your insurance may
reimburse you for all or part of our sessions. I don’t deal with
insurance companies directly, but provide documentation to
request reimbursement from your insurance company, if
applicable. If you have a PPO your insurance will most likely
cover therapy. You will pay a higher co-pay for me as an out-of-
network provider, but you may find that worth it in order to
have a good connection with your therapist.

Phone Therapy
Can you really do therapy over the phone?
People are sometimes surprised to hear how many people are doing
therapy over the phone, CBS recently reported on a major study
showing phone therapy can have equal or better effects than face-to-
face treatment since clients are more likely to stick with phone therapy:

A study conducted by Northwestern University School of Medicine and
printed in the Journal of the American Medical Association (June 6,
2012) showed that clients are more likely to stick with telephone
therapy that traditional face-to-face treatment:

A recent study in the Journal of Counseling and Development showed
that people are generally more satisfied with phone counseling than
face-to-face counseling. A much higher percentage (93% for
telephone compared to 63% for face-to-face) said they would seek
counseling again. It also found that more than half (58%) of people
who had experienced both phone and in-person counseling preferred
phone. Other studies found that people who are experiencing
depression were less likely to drop out of telephone therapy and
consistently showed improved mood.
Some advantages to phone counseling:
• Access – Your decision about which therapist to work with isn’t
limited by geography; you can choose the therapist who  specializes in
the issue for which you’re seeking counseling,  and whoever you have
the best rapport with.
• Ease – You don’t have to travel anywhere for your appointment,
which makes carving out time for therapy easier.
• Privacy – You can have a phone counseling session from the privacy
of your home, office, even your car.
• Comfort – Many phone counseling clients find it easier to talk openly
about deeply personal issues, emotions and experiences over the
phone than in person.
• Effectiveness – Research indicates that therapy over the telephone
can be just as effective as meeting in person.
To schedule a session, either by telephone or in person, e mail me at: or Call: 509-205-5324.

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