About Dr. D. Janell Dietz

Dr. Dietz is a licensed Marriage and Family
therapist in the state of Nevada.  She is also a
National Certified Counselor, specializing in both
adults and children in the areas of depression,
relationship issues and motivation.  Together, as a
team, she will work with you to provide a trusting
relationship, where goals & hope for the future,
will result.  Call Dr. Dietz for your appointment
Phone: 509-205-5324

Dr. Dietz grew up singing gospel in Montana, and sang all
over the world as an entertainer such as for the USO or
military troops in South Korea.  She also was an
entertainer and speaker in the United States and Canada.  

She then went on to become a teacher, school counselor,
a professor for graduate students, disc jockey and
motivational speaker.  She is a National Board
Certified Counselor, and currently a therapist (Marriage
and Family Therapy) in the state of Nevada.

Janell  or "Dr. D. Janell Dietz" wrote a gospel album with
14 original songs, set to debut soon called "Holy Holy".

Dr. Dietz will speak and sing for your next inspirational or
educational gathering.  Her resume includes:
1980 - 1985: Performer/Singer in Canada
1985 - 1999: Singer/Entertainer/Speaker in Canada, USA,
South Korea, Istanbul, Turkey and the Caribbean Islands
(Auruba and Curacao); Educator for the Clark County
School District in Las Vegas, Nevada.
1994 - 2004: Professor for the University of Phoenix,
Elementary School Teacher Clark County School District
2004 - 2007:  School Counselor & Professor for Graduate
Students University of Phoenix
2007 - 2012:  School Counselor & Therapist
2012 - Present:  Therapist, Teacher & Motivational
About Me
(You can hire Dr. Dietz for your next woman's group, meeting or
event as a speaker, singer, or emcee.
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