Therapy Available in Person
Dr. Dietz is available for individual, couples, or family therapy and is a Marriage and Family Therapist for
the state
of Nevada.  
Dr. Dietz maintains confidentiality and high ethics to ensure a relationship that is successful.  She works
from a holistic perspective that recognizes the worth of each individual; and healing for first the spirit,
then mind and body.  She is dedicated to ensuring that each of her clients receives the care and attention
they need to create significant positive changes in their lives.  
FEES:  Dr. Dietz charges $165 for a
standard one hour therapy session.
Scheduled sessions may be canceled
or changed up to 24 hours before
your appointment without charge.  
There are many pressures in life today.  
Many are out of work, seeking work, or
life.  The addictions of drugs, alcohol,
sex, or gambling may be hindering your
success. Healthy relationships with
others are essential to ensure that
loneliness is extinguished.  

Confidentiality is Highly Maintained:
All legal and ethical standards as required by the
of Nevada which protects the client and
creates a uniform standard for
each therapy session.  Confidentiality is a
mandated requirement for all therapeut
ic sessions.  Nevada therapists are
required to maintain a strict confidentiality of all
information disclosed in your session, and not
reveal any information from your sessions without
your consent in writing, except where otherwise
required by law.  

Call Dr. Dietz today at 509-205-5324 to
set up your appointment!  Help is
available and you are not alone!