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1.  Holy Holy  
(3:11) Ten Commandments Come to life in the sounds from the African outback.

2. Jesus is the One (4:44)   The heartfelt soulful song that says; YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

3. Love is the Air (4:42) Hear the jazz style of Dr. Dietz that reflects the love of God as shown
in nature and everywhere!  
Click Here for 90 Second Preview Love is in the Air

4.  Heaven (4:50) The jazz and upbeat sound of the future and hope of those who love Jesus - our
future home in the sky!  
 Click Here for 90 Second Preview of Heaven

5. Unconditional Love (3:44) The soulful + jazzy sounds of the love of God for us which
is UNCONDITIONAL and not based on what we do and don't do!
 Click Here for 90 Second Preview of Unconditional Love

6. You're My Best Friend (2:30)  The jazz + rock + southern style declaring that we
have a friend who sticks 'closer than a brother'.  
Click Here for 90 Second Preview of You're My Best Friend

7. Hallelujah (2:46) The majestic sounds like a dramatic musical and orchestra in this amazing
song of praise to God!  
Click Here for 90 Second Preview of Hallelujah

8.  Juan 3:16 (2:44) SPANISH - sounds of Dr. Dietz in Spanish as the gospel is portrayed in John
3:16..."For God so loved the world..."
Click Here for 90 Second Preview of Juan 3:16

9. God's Our Commander (3:29) ROCK - the amazing sounds of rock to reveal that
God is in control and HE is our leader and the commander of the army!
Click Here for 90 Second Preview of God's Our ...

10. There's no Turnin' Back (3:04)  Rock and Roll and southern gospel is used to
reveal that once you are on God's path - HE is the commander - give your ALL to HIM - "There's no
Turnin' Back.."  
Click Here for 90 Second Preview There's No Turnin' Back

11. Armor of God (4:08) Ephesians 6:10-18 declares that soldiers of God are to put on the
whole armor of God to stand against the wiles of the devil & to STAND.
Click Here for 90 Second Preview Armor Of God

12. Sing to the Lord (2:46) Starting with a classical sound of the clavichord - then
breaking  into a majestic chorus - this song bursts with praises to God!
Click Here for 90 Second Preview Sing to the Lord

13.  Justice (3:22)  Reggae sounds reveal that Jesus is the great judge and will bring justice to
the entire world!  HE will right all the wrongs and bring justice and will rule and reign forever!
Click Here for 90 Second Preview Justice

14. Step Shine Dance (5:01)  Everyone - young and old - should DANCE to the Lord like
King David in the Bible - This song will enable everyone in church to dance and sing at the same time in fun
,joy and praises to the Lord together in the entire body of Christ.
Click Here for 90 Second Preview Step Shine Dance

Name                                             Artist                      Time                            Price                                Pay & Download:    

1.      Holy Holy                           Dr. Dietz                   3:11                            $1.00

2.    Jesus is the One                Dr. Dietz                   4:44                            $1.00               

3.     Love is in the Air               Dr. Dietz                   4:42                            $1.00

4.     Heaven                                Dr. Dietz                   4:50                            $1.00

5.    Unconditional Love          Dr. Dietz                   3:44                             $1.00

6.   You're My Best Friend       Dr. Dietz                  2:30                              $1.00    

7.    Hallelujah                             Dr. Dietz                 2:46                              $1.00        

8.   Juan 3:16                              Dr. Dietz
               2:44                               $1.00   

9.  God's Our Commander      Dr. Dietz               3:29                                $1.00

10.  There's no Turnin' Back   Dr. Dietz              3:04                                $1.00   

11.   Armor of God                      Dr. Dietz              4:08                                $1.00    

12. Sing to the Lord                   Dr. Dietz               2:46                                $1.00

13.  Justice                                  Dr. Dietz               3:22                                $1.00   

14. Step Shine Dance              Dr. Dietz                5:01                                $1.00  
and Songs by Dr. Dietz
Contributions:  Flery Robinson of Yesrub Music Publishing & Ink Spots; Lou Ragland
(Studio Engineering) of Ink Spots; Digital Insight Recording Studios, Inc. Las Vegas, NV;
Vocals on "Holy Holy" Flery Robinson. Music & Lyrics by Denise Janell Dietz (Dr. Dietz);  
Copyright 2014: Denise Janell Dietz (Dr. Dietz); Unauthorized resale, reproduction, hiring,
lending, & public performance prohibited. Distributed by; US
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