Complete with an art therapy center & music
therapy rooms with recording studio, TV and
radio broadcasting center, prayer, healing and
therapy offices, the Healing Center will offer
healing and rest for the mind, body and spirit.  

ART THERAPY:  Sculpture (working with the
hands in clay), painting, crafts, jewelry making,
drawing and other art expressions offer the
soul the outlet for creativity; which God made
us to do!   Art will be on display from the
'clients' or anyone who wants to come for art

MUSIC THERAPY: The expression of the
emotions through music is therapeutic and
healthy.  Creating music that humans can sing
and dance to, is healthy for the brain, body and
soul.  A recording studio will offer the ability to
keep what one creates, and to make CD's for
others to enjoy and broadcast it through "The
Healing Center's" own television broadcasting

Healing Center will offer the ability to broadcast
a weekly therapy talk show, hosted by Dr.
Dietz, with guests including testimonies from
those who have been healed through the power
of God, art, music and therapy.  

RADIO BROADCASTING:  Daily call in talk
shows will offer answers to some of life's
toughest questions regarding addictions,
relationships, and life.  The Healing Center will
offer technology to be able to broadcast
throughout the entire world hosted by Dr. Dietz.

Creator of the Universe is our "Great
Physician" and the Prayer Room and Healing
Chapel will have staff available for prayer and
offer groups the ability to come and pray for
healing.  "By HIS stripes we ARE healed."  
Isaiah 53:5. Our healing was finished on the

THERAPY:  Therapists will be available at $165
per session and take insurance.  They offer a
holistic approach taking care of first the spirit,
then mind and lastly; body.  

will not be an exercise room on property, there
will be biking, hiking and other exercise group
activities organized and offered by the Healing
Center.  Nutrition classes will be offered to
encourage healthy eating.  

COTTAGES:  The Healing Center will have 24
surrounding cottages on property in which
those who want to stay for the weekend, one
night, or for rehabilitation and retreats can
come from around the world to enjoy nature
and take in the art and music.  

The Healing Center is currently in the
development stage.  However, Dr. Dietz
believes that this is a "God thing" and that the
Holy Spirit implanted this 'dream' into her mind;
which will develop into the Healing Center as
God brings the people and resources to
accomplish what HE wants to do for the world.  
This center will impact many people in the
states of Nevada, California and the
surrounding areas. The radio and TV
ministry will impact the world for Jesus.  If you
would like to offer resources, time, prayer, and
ideas, contact Dr. Dietz by e mail at:  Dr. Dietz prays that
God only brings those who have been brought
to "The Healing Center" by the Lord through
the moving of the Holy Spirit and direction that
this is what HE wants them to do!
The Healing Center
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